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Surefire’s Designer Collaborations

From time to time, design projects can come along which may require the collective skills of several individuals or are simply too elaborate to complete in a tight time frame by a single designer. If you have skills in design or writing copy & would like to discuss a collaboration why not contact us – we would be happy to learn more about you and discuss possible link-ups!



Surefire Creative in Chesterfield have successful and long-standing links with Tamara Rogers (Photographer, Graphic Designer) and Ben Broughton (Producer, Composer and Sound Design).

Our collaborations to date have included:

Red Lion, Yardley Hastings (Website, Logo and Photography) • The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project (Web & Graphic Design & Training) • Talk Out Loud / Mental Health Stigma Programme (Graphic Design) • Lowdown Cards (Photography) • Peter Bedford Housing Association (Graphic Design) • Team Lowdown Run’11* & 21 Campaign** (Video* & Audio** Composition) • Wayne’s World Of Wonders (Original Jingle).

Tamara Rogers

Photographer, retoucher and graphic designer.

Specializing in creating quirky and original imagery and designs, Tamara’s work has been featured in “Dodgem Logic” – a magazine by Alan Moore (author of “Watchmen” and “V for Vendetta”) and DSLR User Magazine.

Tamara has worked with numerous clients including film producers, charities and online retailers including: Press on Features, Black and Blue Films, The Lowdown, My-Wardrobe, Studio 2000, SNAP Magazine, Two Bells Productions…


Ben Broughton

Producer, composer and sound designer.

Graduating as an audio engineer from the S.A.E Institute (Liverpool), Ben went on to study Pro Tools Music Production at the Alchemea School of Audio Engineering (London). Member of A.M.P.S & P.R.S (Performing Rights Society).

With a deep understanding of sound, Ben has a creative approach to audio post production, specialising in custom sound design and composition for Film & TV. He is also a music recording artist, working under the name of ‘Manakin Moon’…