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Northamptonshire Baby Room Project – Website, Mascot and Video Designs

Northamptonshire Baby Room Project – Website, Mascot and Video Designs

By on Jun 15, 2011 in Surefire Designs


The Northamptonshire Baby Room – website, mascot & video designs.

shiny logoSurefire Creative and Tamara Rogers collaborated on the design of the The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project website and mascot design. We did this under the working name of Shiny Sheep with Tamara carrying out design works and Surefire facilitating the complete project.

In addition, Surefire created the web video (viewable here) and are currently working with NBRP again – this time to develop their site further and have offered advice on extra content and functionality.

mascot and manualAbout The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project ©

The aim of the project is to raise the quality of babies’ experiences by creating a fun, sustainable and an exciting project that enlightens practitioners and parents about their baby’s brain development & empowers practitioners working with young infants to be confident and passionate about their vital work. How people play and interact with babies is key to growing physically and emotionally healthy babies.

parentscourseimgWinners of the 2010 ‘Nursery World’ Award for Local Authority Early Years Team of the Year.

The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project started as a way of looking at developing quality provision for babies in private, voluntary and independent sector nurseries by focussing on increasing practitioner’s knowledge about babies general development and in particular babies’ brain development. The project was aimed at providing a balance of information around baby brain development, opportunities for creating resources to be used practically in settings and giving practitioners opportunities for reflecting on their interactions with babies.

“I notice more what my baby plays with… I’m loving the laughing…” (Parents’ comments)

What The Northamptonshire Baby Room Project © provide people with is a framework to go away and develop things and be creative about how they can enhance connections being made in the brain through play and interaction.

Learn more about the project and how it has developed over the years by visiting their website.